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About Us

Why The Bulk Cart?

The Bulk Cart provides a platform for B2B sellers & buyers where products are available ready to ship directly from manufacturers at manufacturer’s price. The buyer gets the opportunity to directly connect with sellers who are manufacturers that offer competitive price and reduce the transit time of delivery.


Import Export trade data is easily available on web portals like panjiva.com. Now you can secure &
protect your business trade information by shipping your goods to Consignee as The Bulk Cart. The BL (A
bill of lading) will show the name of Consignee as The Bulk Cart and not the details about your buyers.

Custom Clearance

If you have your own Custom clearance agent in US then that agent can handle the necessary paperwork
for Custom clearance. Otherwise The Bulk Cart will handle the Custom Clearance for you to ensure
smooth custom clearance for businesses of all sizes. We have professional team of custom clearance
agents that makes your transactions more economical than ever!


Adequate storage capacity and a strategic location of the warehouse provide a competitive advantage.
You can share your preferred locations for Warehousing in US and The Bulk Cart will arrange for you. We
inspect the warehouses personally to ensure they meet security and quality standards.


If you are a manufacturer or wholesale distributor, and looking to grow your business in US marketplace,
The Bulk Cart (B2B Ready to Ship) platform is the right place for you. We at The Bulk Cart we are ready
to make your dreams happen! The Bulk Cart help you bring your best products to market. If you have a
quality product at a great price that can benefit customers throughout the United States -- we want to
help you sell and deliver your product.


The Bulk Cart give you access to the largest market in the world, America with complete transparency.
Buyers can directly contact the manufacturers and sellers to discuss their customized order
requirements. Sellers can approach directly the buyers for offering the best deals to make it happen!


You ship to America’s shores and The Bulk Cart will take care of rest, from custom clearance to
warehousing to marketing and shipping.

If you want The Bulk Cart to ship your direct orders in US we can handle that as well for you.